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Tammy L. Hodo, Ph.D. - President, All Things Diverse LLC

Tammy L. Hodo is the President and Founder of All Things Diverse LLC, a consulting firm providing services to businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, and government entities committed to fostering diversity and cultivating high-performing, inclusive workforces. With a focus on deliberate action, Tammy’s company strives to unlock the full potential of organizations by creating a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

With a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and a minor in Sociology specializing in Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Tammy brings a wealth of academic insight to her consulting role. She holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Columbus State University and a bachelor’s degree from Albany State University.

Tammy’s extensive 18-year academic career, encompassing faculty and university administrator roles, contributes to her deep understanding of diversity issues. She is actively engaged in academia and continues to write educational articles, with her most recent publication being “African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice” (2021) by Cognella Academic Publishing.

All Things Diverse LLC offers diversity, equity, and inclusion training and workshops, assessments and surveys, as well as strategic diversity planning and audits. Tammy’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion is evident in her academic contributions and work empowering organizations to build inclusive and thriving workplace cultures.

Cheryl D. Orr - Co-Managing Director and DEI Expert

Cheryl D. Orr, Co-Managing Director at NFBPA – Institute for Excellence in Public Service/i4x, is a seasoned HR and DEI management leader. With a rich history at Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the City of Dallas, Cheryl has honed her ethics, diversity, and leadership skills.

As an accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, Cheryl is a multifaceted professional. Her commitment to community and leadership development is evident through her various roles, including her Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. membership.

In her rare moments away from work, Cheryl enjoys quality time with her partner, Nate Walker. A tech enthusiast and lifelong learner, she stays engaged through Afrobeats music, reading, and community involvement. Cheryl is dedicated to inspiring and educating others, embodying a passion for fostering inclusion and positive change.

Willis Harris, JD - Accomplished DEI Expert and Senior Consultant

Willis Harris, a dedicated DEI expert and Senior Consultant at All Things Diverse, LLC, boasts a decade of experience driving organizational change. His accomplishments span designing global DEI strategies, initiating employee engagement programs, and implementing successful talent acquisition sourcing strategies.

Willis’s consulting experience includes comprehensive DEI assessments, leading RealTalks for diverse organizations, and designing regional strategies for Business Social Responsibility. His leadership roles, including at the University of California, Riverside, highlight his commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

With a Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law, Willis is a valuable asset to Parrish Business Services, LLC. His dedication to positive change aligns seamlessly with the mission to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. Alongside Pat Parrish, Willis is poised to deliver transformative training solutions for ICE’s Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Special Emphasis Program.

N. Yvonne Odimgbe - Healthcare Account Manager and Multifaceted Professional

With over 20 years in healthcare, N. Yvonne Odimgbe, a Healthcare Account Manager at HealthTrust Purchasing Group, blends empathy with expertise to guide organizations toward supply chain excellence. Her distinguished career spans renowned institutions, including CHRISTUS Health, VHA/Novation/Vizient, MedAssets, and ROI.
Beyond her corporate role, Yvonne is a dynamic entrepreneur and business owner, a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. member, and a multifaceted professional excelling in public speaking and real estate investment. She shares her life with partner Nate Walker and fur babies Yancy and Athena. A tech enthusiast and lifelong learner, Yvonne enjoys Afrobeats music and engages in continuous education through reading, podcasts, classes, and community interactions. Passionate about paying it forward, she actively connects with and inspires others.
In essence, N. Yvonne Odimgbe is a seasoned healthcare professional and versatile individual committed to positively impacting her professional and personal spheres.