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Exceptional leaders are not born; they are forged through learning, experience, and a relentless dedication to continuous growth.

“Emotional intelligence is the bedrock of authentic leadership. It enables us to harness our emotions, connect with others, and drive positive change in our communities.”

Source: Mellody Hobson, Co-CEO and President of Ariel Investments, LLC, and a prominent African American business leader and philanthropist.

Tammy L. Hodo PhD

Dr. Tammy L. Hodo is a renowned leader and President of All Things Diverse, a nationally recognized firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). With her extensive expertise and credentials, Dr. Hodo brings valuable insights into emotional intelligence and its impact on effective leadership.

Emotional intelligence has become increasingly relevant in today’s rapidly changing work environment. Join us to discover how emotional intelligence can empower you as a leader, enhance your decision-making abilities, & improve your relationships in the workplace.

Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Lasting Succes

The online webinar, “Harnessing Emotional Intelligence for Lasting Success,” offers participants the opportunity to explore the critical role of emotional intelligence in personal and professional growth. Emotional intelligence, often referred to as EQ, encompasses the ability to understand and manage our own emotions and effectively navigate our interactions with others. In this webinar, attendees will gain valuable insights into the components of emotional intelligence, its impact on leadership effectiveness, and strategies for developing and enhancing EQ skills.


Through interactive discussions, case studies, and real-world examples, participants will learn how emotional intelligence can enhance self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, decision-making, and resilience. The webinar will provide practical techniques for building empathy, improving interpersonal skills, and fostering inclusive team environments.


Led by industry experts in the field of emotional intelligence, the webinar will offer a comprehensive overview of the benefits of emotional intelligence in various contexts. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions, allowing for a deeper exploration of specific topics and concerns.


By the end of the webinar, participants will have a solid understanding of emotional intelligence and its significance in personal and professional success. They will be equipped with practical strategies to develop and leverage their emotional intelligence skills, ultimately leading to more effective leadership, improved relationships, and enhanced decision-making abilities.


You are invited to a zoom webinar and can expect the following benifits

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We are excited to invite you to a webinar on EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and its importance in leadership. Dr. Tammy L. Hodo, an esteemed expert in the field, will present this engaging session.


Our Testimonials

Five Week Free Webinar – Empowering Individuals to Become Leaders and DEIB Managers.”I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to participate in the Five Week Free Webinar, which has proven to be a game-changer in my professional journey. As someone who aspires to become a certified leader and a dedicated ally for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), this webinar has provided me with invaluable information that would have otherwise come at a significant cost.

Week One of the Five Week Free Webinar


“I recently attended Week One of the Five Week Free Webinar, and I must say it was an incredibly valuable experience. The information presented, particularly on the topic of self-awareness, was truly helpful and eye-opening. I walked away from the session with a renewed sense of self and a better understanding of how my own thoughts and actions impact my life.


One aspect that stood out to me during the webinar was the mention of the Implicit Association Test (IAT). As someone who strives for personal growth and understanding, I was intrigued by the idea of using this test to uncover hidden biases and gain further insight into my own subconscious thoughts and beliefs.


I’m really looking forward to the upcoming sessions of the webinar and delving deeper into various topics that will help me on my journey of self-improvement. The presenters are knowledgeable, engaging, and create a welcoming environment for learning and growth.


I highly recommend this webinar to anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. The content is thought-provoking, the discussions are insightful, and the resources provided are valuable tools for personal development.


Thank you to the organizers and presenters of the Five Week Free Webinar for creating such a wonderful learning opportunity. I’m grateful for the chance to participate and excited about what lies ahead in the upcoming weeks.”

Five Week Free Webinar - A Valuable Resource for Aspiring Leaders


“As someone who is eager to develop my leadership skills and learn how to effectively manage and be managed, I am extremely grateful for the Five Week Free Webinar that I recently attended. The information and insights shared by the nationally recognized presenters were truly invaluable, and I believe it will greatly benefit me as I prepare to take on leadership roles in the future.

One aspect that struck me during the webinar was the depth and breadth of the content covered. The presenters shared practical strategies, real-life examples, and thought-provoking discussions that shed light on various aspects of leadership. From understanding different leadership styles to enhancing communication skills, each session provided actionable advice and knowledge that I can directly apply to my personal and professional life.

What surprised me the most was the relatively low number of participants taking advantage of this exceptional opportunity. With nationally recognized presenters generously sharing their expertise for free, I expected more individuals to seize the chance to enhance their leadership abilities. I feel fortunate to have been among the few who recognized the value of this webinar and decided to invest my time in it.

I wholeheartedly recommend this webinar to anyone aspiring to become a leader or seeking to improve their ability to be managed by a leader. The presenters’ expertise, combined with their engaging delivery style, created a dynamic and enriching learning environment. It’s a rare opportunity to learn from accomplished professionals without any financial burden, and I urge others to take advantage of it.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the organizers and presenters for their dedication in providing this free resource. Their commitment to empowering individuals with leadership skills is commendable, and I’m grateful to have been a part of this transformative experience.

To anyone considering attending the upcoming sessions, I encourage you to seize this opportunity. The knowledge and insights gained from the Five Week Free Webinar will undoubtedly contribute to your growth as a leader and help you thrive in any leadership position you may undertake.”

Anonymous DEIB and Compliance Professional


One aspect that particularly stood out to me during the webinar was the realization that leadership development and DEIB training often come with hefty price tags. Many regulatory agencies and organizations charge substantial fees for the kind of information and resources freely provided in this webinar. By attending this webinar, I can now repurpose the revenues I would have spent on such certifications towards completing my leadership certification and becoming a more vigorous advocate for DEIB initiatives.

The quality of the content presented throughout the webinar was exceptional. With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, the presenters covered a wide range of topics relevant to leadership and DEIB. From effective communication strategies to fostering inclusive work environments, every session was packed with actionable insights and practical advice.

I am grateful to the organizers and presenters of the webinar for their generosity in sharing this vital information at no cost. Their commitment to making leadership development and DEIB accessible to all is commendable. By eliminating financial barriers, they have empowered individuals like myself to enhance their skills and contribute meaningfully to creating inclusive workplaces.

I wholeheartedly recommend this webinar to anyone seeking to develop their leadership abilities and become a DEIB ally. The knowledge gained from this webinar is invaluable and allows individuals to invest their resources in other crucial areas of professional development.

Again, Thank you to the organizers and presenters for their dedication to providing this life-changing opportunity. I am confident that the information I received from the Five Week Free Webinar will propel me towards becoming an effective leader and a passionate advocate for DEIB in my future endeavors.”

Week Two: Building Diverse Teams to Be Effective


We are excited to have Lori Bishop as our presenter. Lori is a 20-year HR champion with diverse indus backgrounds, including healthcare, technology, market research, consumer goods, and manufacturing Building Diverse Teams to Be Effective,” will focus on strategies for building high-performing teams an increasing leadership knowledge and skills.

Week Three: Technology Tools for Efficiency and Productivity in an Inclusive Workplace


We will explore “Technology Tools for Efficiency and Productivity in an Inclusive Workplace.” Our presenter, N. Yvonne Odimgbe, is a healthcare account manager at HealthTrust Purchasing Group. With a background in healthcare operations and leadership, Yvonne brings both empathy and guidance to healthcare organizations striving for supply chain excellence. Her extensive career includes working with renowned names in the healthcare industry, such as CHRISTUS Health, VHA/Novation/Vizient, MedAssets, and ROI.


Cheryl D. ORR, MSW

Co-Managing Director

Pat Parrish, MBA, HRM

Founder & CEO


Senior Consultant

N. Yvonne Odimgbe

Senior Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify recognize, understand, and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others. It involves self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social awareness. It plays a vital role in effective leadership by enhancing communication, decision-making, and relationship-building capabilities.

Inclusive leaders possess open-mindedness, empathy, cultural competence, and the ability to value and leverage diversity. They actively listen, create a psychologically safe environment, promote collaboration, and value different perspectives. Inclusive leaders also prioritize fairness, equity, and belonging, developomg a culture of inclusivity throughout the organization.

Emotional intelligence influences decision-making in a team setting by enabling leaders to consider and understand the emotions and perspectives of team members. Leaders with high emotional intelligence can effectively manage conflicts, facilitate productive discussions, and make decisions that consider the well-being and diverse viewpoints of the team. It promotes trust, collaboration, and overall team effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence comprises several key components, including self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and motivation. These elements work together to enhance interpersonal relationships and leadership effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence is vital for leaders as it enables them to understand and manage their emotions effectively, make better decisions, build strong relationships with team members, resolve conflicts, and adapt to changing situations. It enhances overall leadership effectiveness and helps create a positive work environment.

Absolutely! Self-reflection, practice, and learning can develop and enhance emotional intelligence. Leaders can develop their emotional intelligence over time by incorporating strategies such as self-awareness exercises, active listening, empathy-building activities, and continuous self-improvement.

Emotional intelligence is crucial for building and leading successful teams. Leaders can better understand their team members’ needs, strengths, and challenges by cultivating emotional intelligence. This understanding allows leaders to foster a supportive and inclusive team culture, facilitate effective communication, and resolve conflicts constructively.

Yes, there are various techniques you can use to improve emotional intelligence. Some examples include journaling to enhance self-reflection, practicing mindfulness and meditation to manage emotions, seeking feedback from others to gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, and actively seeking opportunities to develop empathy by considering different perspectives.

Self-assessment tools, such as questionnaires or assessments focused on emotional intelligence, can provide insights into your current level of emotional intelligence. Additionally, seeking feedback from trusted colleagues, mentors, or coaches can help you better understand your strengths and areas for growth.

Improving emotional intelligence involves self-reflection, self-awareness, and continuous learning. Some strategies include practicing active listening, seeking feedback, developing empathy, and managing emotions effectively. Additionally, applying emotional intelligence to your leadership role involves creating an inclusive and supportive environment, understanding and valuing the emotions of your team members, and adapting your leadership style to meet their needs.

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Cheryl D. Orr - Co-Managing Director and DEI Expert

Cheryl D. Orr, Co-Managing Director at NFBPA – Institute for Excellence in Public Service/i4x, is a seasoned HR and DEI management leader. With a rich history at Dallas Area Rapid Transit and the City of Dallas, Cheryl has honed her ethics, diversity, and leadership skills.

As an accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, Cheryl is a multifaceted professional. Her commitment to community and leadership development is evident through her various roles, including her Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. membership.

In her rare moments away from work, Cheryl enjoys quality time with her partner, Nate Walker. A tech enthusiast and lifelong learner, she stays engaged through Afrobeats music, reading, and community involvement. Cheryl is dedicated to inspiring and educating others, embodying a passion for fostering inclusion and positive change.

Tammy L. Hodo, Ph.D. - President, All Things Diverse LLC

Tammy L. Hodo is the President and Founder of All Things Diverse LLC, a consulting firm providing services to businesses, academic institutions, nonprofits, and government entities committed to fostering diversity and cultivating high-performing, inclusive workforces. With a focus on deliberate action, Tammy’s company strives to unlock the full potential of organizations by creating a culture of belonging where everyone can thrive.

With a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and a minor in Sociology specializing in Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Tammy brings a wealth of academic insight to her consulting role. She holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Columbus State University and a bachelor’s degree from Albany State University.

Tammy’s extensive 18-year academic career, encompassing faculty and university administrator roles, contributes to her deep understanding of diversity issues. She is actively engaged in academia and continues to write educational articles, with her most recent publication being “African American Families: Research, Theory, and Practice” (2021) by Cognella Academic Publishing.

All Things Diverse LLC offers diversity, equity, and inclusion training and workshops, assessments and surveys, as well as strategic diversity planning and audits. Tammy’s commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion is evident in her academic contributions and work empowering organizations to build inclusive and thriving workplace cultures.

Willis Harris, JD - Accomplished DEI Expert and Senior Consultant

Willis Harris, a dedicated DEI expert and Senior Consultant at All Things Diverse, LLC, boasts a decade of experience driving organizational change. His accomplishments span designing global DEI strategies, initiating employee engagement programs, and implementing successful talent acquisition sourcing strategies.

Willis’s consulting experience includes comprehensive DEI assessments, leading RealTalks for diverse organizations, and designing regional strategies for Business Social Responsibility. His leadership roles, including at the University of California, Riverside, highlight his commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion.

With a Juris Doctorate from Florida Coastal School of Law, Willis is a valuable asset to Parrish Business Services, LLC. His dedication to positive change aligns seamlessly with the mission to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. Alongside Pat Parrish, Willis is poised to deliver transformative training solutions for ICE’s Office of Diversity and Civil Rights Special Emphasis Program.

N. Yvonne Odimgbe - Healthcare Account Manager and Multifaceted Professional

With over 20 years in healthcare, N. Yvonne Odimgbe, a Healthcare Account Manager at HealthTrust Purchasing Group, blends empathy with expertise to guide organizations toward supply chain excellence. Her distinguished career spans renowned institutions, including CHRISTUS Health, VHA/Novation/Vizient, MedAssets, and ROI.
Beyond her corporate role, Yvonne is a dynamic entrepreneur and business owner, a Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. member, and a multifaceted professional excelling in public speaking and real estate investment. She shares her life with partner Nate Walker and fur babies Yancy and Athena. A tech enthusiast and lifelong learner, Yvonne enjoys Afrobeats music and engages in continuous education through reading, podcasts, classes, and community interactions. Passionate about paying it forward, she actively connects with and inspires others.
In essence, N. Yvonne Odimgbe is a seasoned healthcare professional and versatile individual committed to positively impacting her professional and personal spheres.